Sunday, August 29, 2010

Is Humanity Dead or Alive?

It took me a while to muster up courage and write about the so talked-about topic prevailing all over the media and the cyber world today. Yes, you got that right! I am referring to the Sialkot incident – the most horrific example of barbarism and cruelty - an incident which will take eons to oust from our minds. We have all seen those images and videos and I am sure none of us could endure watching them at a stretch.

I am here, not to advocate the kids or to condemn the action of the animals. I know that everyone of you condemn it and you know what happened has no justification whatsoever. So what am I here for? I am here to discuss the repercussion of this shock on every individual soul. Everywhere on the electronic media there is an outburst of articles and discussions regarding this - statements declaring the entire Pakistani nation and the society uncivilized and barbaric is the crux of most of them. I do agree that the mob that killed the kids is vicious, brutal and cold-hearted and whatever punishment they may be given is sure to be nothing as compared to the pain that the brothers and the WHOLE nation had to go through after their much aggrieved death. But the question is that why are we generalizing Pakistanis to be cruel and barbaric? We are also Pakistanis; we as a nation castigate the actions of the mob - we are holding rallies, we are creating protest pages of Facebook, we couldn’t repose ever since we watched the filthy video, and we are the ones who are asking for justice! How does a mob of 100 represent the 17 crore of the population?

After this incident, people have very firmly reached to an illation that humanity is dead in this society. If humanity is dead then what is it that lives in the form of you and me, and everyone among us who knock the actions of those barbaric people? Nowhere could I find a single statement by any Pakistani who cheered up the killings. Isn’t this enough to show that we are not among them? It is unfortunate that they are a part of our society and our religion - but they are not us and we are not them. America’s attack on Afghanistan and Iraq or India’s forcible occupation of Kashmir does not make the entire America or India cruel. Thus, we too better come out of the stage of blaming and cursing ourselves for being Pakistanis.

15th August 2010 marks the bleakest moment in the history of Pakistan – not just because the innocent kids were beaten to death but also because the incident killed the slightest rays of hope that lived in the hearts of many Pakistanis, despite of the floods and the poor leadership. The incident has given rise to a negative force – it has increased frustration and has pushed us all in the darkness of despair. But I still assert that humanity is not dead, it is still peeping out of the inks of those writers who are writing in condemnation of this incident, it is still holding its head high in form of those youngsters who are holding rallies against the killings, it is still visible from the eyes of the mother who had to suffer the real lose. Humanity is still alive!


Zee said...

Well i appreciate the way you are raising your voice but i do want to say that the mob was a gross representative of our society. Policemen were there, a common street man, 1-2 clerks possibly, in the same way a few college guys, shopkeepers, farmers, roadside vendors, shopkeepers, Public sector servants even some teachers may well be standing over there,since it was Public including hundreds of people, so u can't say that they didn't represent us as a nation. Thus we can generalize their actions, they did represent us all as a society. I hope you get my point.

I guess we people, who feel for the poor victims and raise our voices are the ones in minority actually. Street men did what they felt like doing, showing the world, how frustrated they were. They have become mentally sick in general. It wont be possible to justify now even for the one who deems the treatment the poor souls were given was right, so they may well be silent right now but at the same moment looking for the hunt once again, as i have come across 2-3 other such incidents after this one, mob justice. I guess the phenomenon is actually becoming popular no matter how much we talk about it, regardless of how many Facebook protest groups we make, they hardly look concerned. I don't mean that we should stop raising our voices against them, but this is how it unfortunately is at the moment.

Mariya said...

Well said! But it's a fact that our society is at the verge of its lowest ebb ever possible. All we can hear is brutal killings over petty issues, match fixing scandals and corruption.

Pensive Rambler said...

its the time for us to take stand because actions speak louder than words

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